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    Do not miss the opportunity to master the digital-marketer profession with lviv IMB Academy

    The course is arranged by King Star Alliance

    We provide companies with specialists in the necessary field of activity. Our main goal is to find talented, reliable and trustworthy personnel who will fully apply their skills and knowledge to develop your business.

    Actual courses

    Image Targeted advertising course (Offline)

    Duration 6 weeks

    Hours of study 34

    teachers Practice Coaches

    Learning Format Offline

    • Learn how to run targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram
    • Learn how to create creatives and collect analytics across all channels
    • Get the first applications on the day of the launch of your advertising campaign
    • Get a high-paying job
    Price: 7000

    Image Contextual advertising course (Offline)

    Duration 5 weeks

    Hours of study 26

    teachers Practice Coaches

    Learning Format Offline

    • Master the in-demand digital profession in just 5 weeks of training
    • Learn how to set up at least 6 types of advertising campaigns
    • Optimize traffic and find growth points for your project
    • Control contractors and properly allocate your advertising budget
    • Get a high-paying job
    Price: 7000

    7 simple steps


    Submitting an application

    Leave a request form to learn about the course features and get answers to all your questions about it.



    Become an IMBA student by choosing the program and format of study.



    You will study according to European teaching standards, receiving a professional education in the business field.


    Feedback from teachers

    Any training format involves handling your project with feedback from the program’s trainers.


    Support along all learning process

    Together with IMBA practicing trainers you will make the first steps in your career as a marketer, get the necessary knowledge and practical skills, learn all the tools and tricks of this field on a professional level.



    At the end of the training you will need to protect your knowledge by providing a final strategy completing an individual task. Course instructors will analyze your results and assess your proficiency level.


    Getting a job offer

    The knowledge you gain will help you become a competitive candidate at one of the most prospective and popular companies in the digital marketing field. The best students on the course will be offered employment by partners of King Star Alliance.

    The training will be useful for:

    Those who want to learn a new profession

    Choose a profession that will be most in demand, relevant and necessary for many years to come

    Novice marketers

    Improve your knowledge through the practice you will get in the course

    Current specialists

    Upgrade your skills, increase the cost of your services

    We are trusted

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    I am very glad that I participated in the course and I recommend it to everyone who wants to integrate Digital Marketing technologies into their arsenal of marketing tools effectively. A course, during which I didn’t want to distract even for a minute (a unique case for the domestic education system). Excellent teachers who are able to explain clearly even the most difficult material, a minimum of dogmas and a maximum of live practice. 🙂

    Elena Chebotaeva Competitions & venue Manager в LOC Eurobasket 2015

    At the time of getting acquainted with digital marketing at IMBA, there is zero basic system knowledge, but a lot of experience with SMM. When choosing a program, I monitored most of the schools, but at DMI I was attracted by the solidity and Western approach. Most schools offer specific programs for different tools (separately SEO, SMM, Mobile, etc.), and IMBA offers the backbone and understanding of all tools. The program is designed for the fact that you will have a system and basic knowledge in your head on which it will be possible to increase both experience and more narrow-profile knowledge. The coolest thing about IMBA is the reading methodology and the presence of different coaches, experts in their field. The material is presented in an interesting way, with cases, clearly, concisely, and even SEO becomes accessible. What is most important is that the material is relevant for the Ukrainian market and tasks. The course is such a mix of foreign methodology and Ukrainian realities. I can say that it is not easy, but very interesting. That’s why I recommend it. Especially to all active marketers!

    Maria Saakyants Marketing Manager in Darynok mall

    The IMBA course was an absolute godsend for me. At the time, I was in dire need of systematized knowledge in the field of digital marketing, as I decided to expand the scope of my functional responsibilities and delve into the study of a new direction for me – digital marketing. The deciding factor in choosing an IMBA was the potential body of knowledge based on the European curriculum. It was very important to get a high-quality foundation of theoretical knowledge for future full-fledged work on the project. Many thanks to the team of teachers! It was a pleasure to learn from industry leaders. They know how to captivate with material and inspire! In further work on my personal and professional development plan next few years, I am going to take an in-depth course.

    Oksana Pashchenko Head of E-commerce & Digital Marketing

    School of Marketing from IMBA

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      Do not miss the opportunity to master the digital-marketer profession with lviv IMB Academy