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The King Star Alliance recruitment agency handles recruitment and management issues.

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    Entrust the search for effective employees to professionals!

    Using innovative search engines 10 years

    Case studies 30 738

    Deadline for checking and selecting a candidate from 1 week

    King Star Alliance – more than a recruiting agency

    We provide companies with specialists in the right field. Our main goal is to find talented, reliable and trustworthy technical staff who will fully apply their skills and knowledge to develop your business.

    Practical experience guarantees our clients fast and efficient personnel decisions.

    A flexible and moderate approach allows us to choose only qualified staff.

    Get the best offer on the job market

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      Why choose the King Star Alliance?

      Current database of candidates in various fields

      More than 50 sources of suitable candidates: social networks, forums, conferences, paid resources.

      Technical inspection of potential employees

      Search for specialists in IT, legal and economic spheres of activity

      Professional tools to achieve results.

      Maintaining the confidentiality of customer information.

      Our guarantees for employers

      Evaluation of effectiveness

      We check the profile of candidates and the recommendations of previous employers.

      Save time

      We use effective tools to provide the right employee for you in the shortest possible time.

      Candidate replacement

      We provide free selection of a new specialist in case of termination of cooperation during the probationary period.

      How to find a candidate quickly and efficiently?

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      You will learn

      • How much money does a labor market specialist make?
      • What attracts your potential employees to competitors?
      • What are the indicators of supply and demand for the vacancy that interests you?

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