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    It takes you 1 day to find a candidate. What will it give you?

    The team is ready to start work on time.

    Performance of project tasks sticks to the plan.

    The productivity of the business increases by many times.

    King Star Alliance offers the best solution

    It only takes 15 minutes to start the search and 20 to 60 minutes to meet with an approved candidate.

    Just a few simple steps are the Cost of effort: filling an application on the King Star Alliance website, a phone call, the final interview with the candidate.

    Why should you trust us?

    The King Star Alliance uses modern recruitment methods.

    2020 has brought new trends in recruitment. The Digital Revolution is prompting new trends. Due to the growing demand for qualified personnel, finding a good specialist has become difficult. It takes several months to recruit the right person, and business tasks are long waiting for their start.

    We will choose for you the ideal candidate

    • We work hard so that you can quickly get a strong specialist in IT or other areas in Lviv.

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      We select candidates in the following areas

      Web design, UI / UX and graphic design;

      system administration, databases;

      development of WEB-sites, applications on Desktop and mobile applications on iOS, Android;

      Advertising, search engine promotion, SMM, SERM;

      copywriting, rewriting, editing;

      top management;

      HR, recruitment, office management;

      (UA) продажі

      If you are looking for a specialist in a other non-IT activity , please also contact us.

      We can find an employee for you even faster!

      The obvious advantages of working with us

      Saving your personal time

      Using multiple sources to search for candidates

      Qualitative analysis of candidates

      Quick vacancy closing

      Speed up your business processes with us now

      • Your business can't wait, projects should start as soon as possible.

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        How do we provide a comprehensive approach in response to your request?

        Our work is built on strict time management rules, we value not only our own but also your time.

        Finding a qualified employee as soon as possible is our responsibility.
        In order to achieve the best possible result, we have several highly qualified specialists working on your application
        The person you will see at the interview has passed 3 stages of selection with us

        Do you need a very rare specialist?

        We know what a headhunting is!

        We will choose the ideal candidate who will go through all the stages and will suit you in all parameters

        Thorough review of data, professional and personal information, references, portfolios.
        Interview via telephone with the applicant.
        Meeting with our specialists in the office.

        It really works!

        • We already have the contacts you need - it remains to choose the ideal candidates

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          Let’s start looking for the specialist you need for yesterday, and implement your plans.

          King Star Alliance world of new opportunities

          • Use our recruiting experience to increase your company's productivity

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