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    We are team of professionals

    We will boost your staff in all areas of IT and related industries.

    We will help you to improve the skills of your staff and feel confident in the job market. We can help if:

    You don't have an in-house HR department or it doesn't work at full stretch.

    There's no coordination between your staff, and your project teams don't work as efficiently as you want them to.

    What will our HR work bring you?

    We have a set of modern instruments to advance your team. Focusing on the particular area in which your company operates, we will select appropriate methods to improve the performance of your employees.

    You will find out the capabilities of each individual, which will help you to allocate team responsibilities efficiently.
    The workflow is smooth with no interruptions and all deadlines are respected.
    Your employees are constantly boosting their knowledge for your benefit.
    The business grows and your profits increase by more than 20%.

    Our services for your business

    Certification of IT industry employees

    Corporate English

    Coaching and staff motivation

    Analysis of labor market demand, supply and salary levels

    We take a holistic approach to recruitment

    • Our mission is to provide the right specialists not only for IT companies, but also for other business areas

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      Personnel certification – your confidence in business success

      We will check how your specialists’ capabilities match the tasks and determine their level of qualification.

      Using modern technologies in HR, we can:

      Evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of each employee;

      Assess the work of all the staff in general.

      Certify all the participants.

      Corporate English – is your ticket to prosperity!

      The specifics of IT industry require communication and cooperation around the world. Excellent English therefore opens up prospects for growth for the entire company.

      We use the most effective educational methods

      Our teachers are highly qualified and certified professionals with extensive experience in dealing with native speakers.

      Our group classes are held at all levels, from elementary to advanced. We also provide individual tutoring for your employees.

      All students are tested at the beginning and end of the course. You will receive up-to-date information on your staff's language skills.

      Both training options have their own value.

      Team-building sessions will be useful in terms of language skills and will bring people together in the learning process.

      Individual lessons will give you a deeper understanding of the nuances and peculiarities of the material.

      Working with us, you will get the result is guaranteed.

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      Coaching and employee motivation – your advantage

      The improvement of human resources is one of the key points in the company’s growth. Motivation of the staff will help to turn a group of specialists into a united and friendly team.

      In our arsenal

      Programs to unlock the potential and unique opportunities of each member of a productive team.

      Tools to enhance cooperation between management and employees.

      Question and problem setting techniques.

      These techniques give an excellent result

      Training, motivation programs and team building will help to build healthy professional relationships within your company.

      The productivity of motivated colleagues will undoubtedly increase, and your business will benefit from it.

      Labour market and salary research is your weapon.

      At your request, we will conduct a thorough research that will result in answers to the questions “who?”, “where?” and “for how much?”.

      Discover new opportunities with our help

      Regular analysis of the labor market in the IT world, as well as other areas of business allows you to feel more confident both in finding new employees, and in working with those who have been in your team for many years.

      It is useful for the employer to know about the availability of specialists, as well as their level of wages in each niche, in order to rationally distribute the budget and plan the work of the company.

      Our professional approach to market analysis will give you efficient tools to quickly guide your HR issues.

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