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    You need a job, but you don’t want to attend an interview in vain?

    Hundreds of letters and thousands of jobs – all of this will have to be reviewed and the right offer selected. This is followed by a long process of interview hiking, most of which is a waste of time.

    The time you spend looking for a job can be used much more efficiently.

    To pay attention to self-development.

    Work out with our recruiters to plan your career development in your new workplace.

    Solve time-consuming issues before you start working.

    By working with us, you will get the expected result.

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    Why find a job with us quickly and easily?

    If you are an experienced IT specialist or just thinking about looking for a job in IT, we have something interesting for you. We have collected the most up-to-date offers in the Digital Industry from Lviv employers. If you are a specialist in another field , our recruiters will find it even easier to find you a job offer. If you are an experienced IT professional or just thinking about finding a job in IT, we have something interesting for you. We have collected the most a relevant job offers in the digital industry from Lviv employers. If you are a specialist in another field of activity, our recruiters will be even easier to find you a job offer.

    To achieve your goal you need

    Determine the type of activity.

    Fill out a simple form on our site.

    4 steps and few days separate you from your dream job!

    You share with us a description of your skills


    Take one test


    Get an offer from your employer


    Take the final interview


    We take an integrated approach to recruitment

    • Our mission is to provide the best professionals not only for IT companies, but also for other areas of business.

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      Cooperation with the King Star Alliance is the best idea for a career in IT or other relevant areas.

      Your skills and experience in these areas are key to offers from employers.

      We work with reputable partners and reliable companies that are actively looking for staff. The specifics of our agency is the selection of qualified employees to work in IT and related industries.

      We will certainly help you to find a job

      Web design, UI / UX and graphic design;

      system administration, databases;

      development of WEB-sites, applications on Desktop and mobile applications on iOS, Android;

      Advertising, search engine promotion, SMM, SERM;

      copywriting, rewriting, editing;

      top management;

      HR, recruitment, office management;

      (UA) продажі

      If you are an expert in a other non-IT activity , please also contact us.

      We can find a job offer for you even faster!

      Why is it worth looking for a job with us?

      We have advantages even over the most popular job search sites.

      We only work with proven employers. You can be sure that you will be offered a stable job with decent remuneration.

      We only test you once during the entire search, no matter how many jobs you are interested in.

      We save you time in your job search and offer the best vacancies in the shortest possible time.

      We advise and select a job for you completely free of charge.

      King Star Alliance

      • The career you dream about starts with us!

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        Why work in Lviv is a good prospect for you?

        Thanks to our help IT specialists, other highly qualified specialists from many regions of Ukraine, and even foreigners now work in Lviv. Today this city is a promising place to build a career in IT or related areas.

        There is a huge number of IT-companies and other businesses in Lviv that need good specialists. They are ready to fairly pay for your work. Relocation of a potential employee is a normal practice for an interested employer. If both you and your future management decide to cooperate, the nuances of relocation are quickly discussed and decided.

        What else can we offer for you during your job search?

        We aim to provide our clients with the best service, so we offer not only a wide range of vacancies in Lviv, but also useful content on employment and related services.

        Working with us, you will get the expected result.

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        The King Star Alliance goes extra mile for you! We can guarantee that:

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